Cairo Day Tour: Cave Church St. Simon 40 USD | Cairo Day Tour : Cave Church St. Simon 40 USD

Excursion Cairo day tour will pick you up from hotel as you request to start unusual half day  to visit The Famous Cave Church of St. Simon in Cairo . The Monastery of St. Simon the Tanner . t Worth a visit if you are interesting to see something different in Egypt.

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you will know about the miracle of movement the Moqquatm mountain AS bible say if you have alittle faith like master grain , you can tell the mountian  move ,it shall move

Then passing by the Garbage City in Cairo where it`s located in a very local neigborhood that calls Manshiyat naser, or “Garbage City in Cairo”

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The Garbage People, comprising mostly Coptic Christians, first immigrated to Cairo in the 1930s in search of big city dreams and land under their feet. Being very poor, and without a solid 401k plan, they got by whatever way they could: living in makeshift housing and recycling the city’s compostable waste products by feeding it to their pigs.


Note : You will be Passing Through Garbage Place Without getting Off from the Car as the Place is almost Full of Garbage with very bad Smell

price per person 40 USD

per single 55 USD

include : tour guide , private car , entry fees , bottled of water

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